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Sample edits of 5 pages max are available on request and free of charge. This service is to ensure, on both sides, that we'll be a good fit. 

Payment is accepted via Venmo, Upwork or Paypal. New clients will be asked to sign a contract and put down a 10% deposit. 

Please reach out via the contact page or my email [] to request a sample edit.


My goal as an editor is to provide quality work in a timely manner that doesn't detract from the writer's natural voice, and keeps content as close to the original as possible.



For more information, please contact me directly via the Contact page with specifics about your project. I will be better able to provide accurate rates and turnaround times.


The term “editing” means many different things to many people. By defining what specific services you’re looking for, you’ll get a more reasonable rate and accurate turnaround time. Please see the below definitions of services offered under Editing to decide what the best fit for your project would be.


Proofreading services involve reading through the content to catch any typographical errors or mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This service has a quick turnaround time and is done both by eye and with tech programs.

Proofreading is commonly needed on the first edit of a manuscript or right before publishing.

               General Edit

A general edit includes proofreading as well as the following:

  • Sentence structuring

  • Word choice/repetition

  • Re-structuring of sections or paragraphs

  • Notes/comments on document where content could be expanded or clarified

A general edit is commonly needed right before publishing. Please note that it does not include adding, re-organizing, or expanding on content.

                 Developmental Edit

A developmental edit includes all of the services under General Edit as well as the following:

  • Notes on plot, character, setting, etc.

  • Notes on the overall structure of the book/document

  • Suggestions, general feedback, and common errors noted in a write-up

Developmental edits include not only edits tracked in the document itself, but notes, comments, and a separate write-up. I’m also available post-project to discuss the direction you’d like to take your manuscript once the developmental edit is complete, and how you might do so. I pride myself on maintaining open lines of communication with all clients to meet their needs pre- and post-project.

Developmental edits are often requested before a book is sent out to publishing companies or if a writer feels it could be tightened up/expanded on in some way.

               Translation Editing

Whether you are a non-native English speaker or have hired a non-native English speaker to prepare content for you, it can be hard to grasp the correct tone, phrases, and word choices to make your content flow more naturally.

I’ve worked with several clients on ensuring their translated or non-native written manuscripts and documents are in a good place to be presented to native English audiences. Translation editing often takes a bit more time as it involves re-structuring sentences, paragraphs, phrases, and word choices.

*Please note that service fees may be added depending on the quality of the content.

Plot Outlining

Looking for a little structure when it comes to your story?

I work with several short and long-term clients on outlining plots to set them or their ghostwriters on the right path and get the story told the way they want it.

No matter what genre you’re working in, it’s possible to create a plot outline that functions well for your needs. Depending on what you’re looking for and your price point, there are a variety of templates, but they may include:

  • Genre/trope definition

  • General plot summary

  • Major events/plot twist identification (for series or standalone books)

  • Character list, including description, habits, background, and reference photo

  • Detailed plot summary

  • Chapter summary (general or detailed)

  • Book description (for back cover or product listing)

I’m comfortable working with very little or very detailed information when it comes to your plot and can guarantee original and plagiarism-free work. Please see samples of plot templates available here.

Romance Plot Outlines

Romance is an incredibly broad and popular genre these days. With so many sub-genres, tropes, and heat levels, it can be hard to make sure you or your ghostwriters are staying on track and providing the exact content your audience is looking for.

With a strong background in romance ghostwriting and outlining, I’m able to provide outlines to fit all sub-genres and tropes as well as your price point. Quick turnaround times guarantee that you and your writers can churn out stories to captivate, entertain, and grow your readership.

Beta Reading

Beta readers provide feedback to the author about their unreleased work from the point of view of an “average” reader. All beta reading will include a write-up of feedback, suggestions, and specific details about plot, character, setting, tone, etc.

Content Writing

Content writing services may be requested, but are not guaranteed acceptance, as I have stepped away from most content writing these days. Available services include:

  • Product reviews, comparisons, & lists

  • Blog posts on a variety of topics including makeup, hair care, outdoor living, sustainability, pet care, food, etc.

  • Articles on tech, health, academia, real estate, finance, etc.

  • “How to” and “DIY” articles

  • Service catalogs for your company and products

  • Biographies for websites and resumes

  • Essays

  • Interviews

Please use the contact form to reach out with a request for content writing.

Miscellaneous Services

Misc. services include anything from resume design to e-book formatting. Rates and turnaround time provided on an as-needed basis. Please reach out for more information.

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Not sure if I work in the area you need help with? Wondering if we'll be a good fit? Trying to figure out how much a project might cost and what the timeline looks like? Feel free to reach out via the Contact form and let me know what you're looking for.