Reading Goals: 2021

I've always shied away from New Years resolutions, as they seem to put a lot of pressure on people. To be resolute is to be resolved, adamant, determined, purposeful - and there's nothing wrong with any of that, but I've always reached the end of the year and also been disappointed in myself for not achieving whatever I resolved to do at the beginning of the year.

For the last few years I've simply made a list of goals. Goals feel less insistent, and more like an off-hand wave in a general direction. An idea of some things I could get myself into, with no added pressure.

My personal goals include things like working on my posture, sticking with therapy even when things seem good, drinking a full glass of water when I wake up, and writing 5,000 words of personal content a week.

But I also have reading goals and include these in the list. Usually they're something like a set number of books or pages. This year, my main goal is to read more POC authors. Directly beneath that goal is reading at least 40 books - so 20 of those should be non-white authors. More, if I can help it, although I already received six books by white authors for Christmas.

I'm excited to approach this year with a very specific and intentional goal. While I've been looking up the more popular books by POC authors and asking for recommendations from friends, I'm always open to recommendations from anyone at all! Especially if the authors are not necessarily mainstream. Some of my favorite books feel like whispered words in a world of shouting.

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