REVIEW: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

Title & Author: Greenlights – Matthew McConaughey

Genre: Autobiography/memoir

Date finished: 11/20/20 - I read this in two days!!

Would I read it again? Yes. It’s going on my Important Books shelf.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Themes or characters that resonated with me: The overall idea that we all live like we’re trying to get the end point (or red light) of dying, and don’t pay attention to the actual living we’re doing. Basically, any time Matthew McConaughey looked for some kind of sign and followed it. Creating your own luck. "Red lights" actually being green lights that we don't recognize at the time.

Emotions, thoughts, or memories it brought up: His descriptions of his family and life growing up; very rough around the edges. It made me realize that having a perfectly healthy childhood doesn’t mean we’re going to turn out great. Sometimes the bumps and scrapes are what give us an edge – and values, like he points out. Knowing what we aren’t can inform who we are.

Opinion about the author or writing style (readability, writing style, originality, personal impact, relatability, plot): He writes like he talks and it’s fun to read. A bit messy and poetic at the same time. Not hard to read but not easy (in a forgettable way) either.

Overall rating: 10/10

My biggest take away/general notes: I don’t ever buy celebrity books because I figure they don’t need any more money. But when I still worked at the bookstore (I stopped at the beginning of this month) I picked it up out of curiosity and read the inside cover. It struck me so hard that a few days later I bought it. It’s inspirational without being preachy, a self-help/memoir/spiritual awakening hybrid. I also love it visually. The use of a very interesting shade of green throughout, and his actual written notes from his journals. He’s a raw writer and it’s very appreciated.

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