REVIEW: Half Broke - Ginger Gaffney

Title & Author: Half Broke – Ginger Gaffney

Genre: Memoir

Date finished: 11/23/20

Would I read it again? No

Would I recommend it? To certain people

Themes or characters that resonated with me: The lessons that they learned directly from horses; had a very Buddhist feel to them. The constant reminder to keep calm and take deep breaths, to be yourself totally on the surface because nature and other living things can tell when you aren’t being honest.

Emotions, thoughts, or memories it brought up: Definitely drew parallels with working at the rescue and how the horses act/react there.

Opinion about the author or writing style (readability, writing style, originality, personal impact, relatability, plot): There were parts of the memoir that just dipped and got uninteresting. I had to take a break from the book for about a month before I was ready to finish it. But when I started reading it, I was fully in it – read about 100 pages the first day. Very interesting subject matter – not an experience that just anyone has had. The writing style was sub-par in some areas, which lost my interest.

Overall rating: 7/10

My biggest take away/general notes: See themes/characters section.

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