REVIEW: What My Mother and I Don't Talk About - Michele Filgate, ed.

Title & Author: What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About – Michele Filgate ed.

Genre: Memoir/essay collection

Date finished: 11/23/20

Would I read it again? Maybe

Would I recommend it? Yes, to certain people

Themes or characters that resonated with me: When any of the writers noted that although they had not so great moments with their moms, their moms were also individual people and there were great things about them, too.

Emotions, thoughts, or memories it brought up: Moments when moms acted out weirdly, how sometimes families ignored or enabled it, how they acted like some things were normal. How stories get twisted or embellished within a family.

Opinion about the author or writing style (readability, writing style, originality, personal impact, relatability, plot): This one is hard to answer because the essays were from 15 different writers. But overall the variety was great; it didn’t just show you “horrible moms” or anything like that. Also had some cultural discussion. I would say it's relatively easy to read and relatable to some people, although no one will relate to every single essay in there.

Overall rating: 7/10

My biggest take away/general notes: Moms are people too, with backgrounds and lives before they were moms. That doesn’t entirely excuse their actions but should make us empathetic to them.

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